Resolute Ground Filter Coffee

Resolute Ground Filter Coffee

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Resolute | Brazil, El Salvador & Nicaragua | milk chocolate, stewed plum, caramel | 250g

Resolute is a no nonsense, full-bodied, classic coffee, with a comforting and sweet finish. A great combination for those new parents who need a little kick to start their day. 

This coffee is a collaboration of three of Origin's long-term trade partners - Fenando Lima, The Mierisch family, and Manoel Barbosa Junqueira.

Fernando Lima's farm offers the sweetness and mellow acidity to the cup, the Mierisch Family contribute the juicy plum notes and Manoel throws the chocolatey caramel flavour into the mix. 


- 250g

- Country | Brazil, El Salvador & Nicaragua

- Method | Natural, Pulped Natural & Washed

- Producers | Fernando Lima, The Mierisch Family & Manoel Barbosa Junqueira

- Region |  Santa Ana, Jinotega & Minas Gerais

- Varietal | Bourbon & Catuai

- Elevation | 980 - 1,800 masl

About the company

Porthleven, an idyllic fishing town on the south coast of Cornwall, is where Origin began, and over the last 15 years they've been busy exploring coffee. They blend science and senses, and seek new flavours, collaborators and lessons, always with one thing in mind - the pursuit of an exceptional cup. 

Travelling across continents, they meet generations of farmers in search of this incredible coffee. The company thrives on having a unique story behind every cup, something they take pride in sharing with the drinker. 

They source their coffee through direct trade, enabling them to support their farm and mill partners directly. Paying at least 50% over and above Fairtrade prices, their philosophy and ethical practice is true to speciality coffee. By visiting the farmers and mill representatives every year, and listening to the workers and their families, they can see first hand the commitment to environmentally and socially sustainable practices.