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Original teething toy | airforce blue

While it's all very exciting when those first little teeth make their long anticipated arrival, teething is a frustrating (and painful) time for both little ones and their parents. 

That's where these awesome Matchstick Monkey teething toys come into play. Not only are they fun and cute, but they're perfectly designed for tiny hands, letting little ones chew away to their heart's content whilst reaching the source of the pain.

The design also incorporates textured bumps, which are great for helping teething gel hit the right spots. They're easy to clean and sanitise, and can be placed in the fridge to make them soothe sore gums quickly. 

- FDA approved food-grade silicone

- BPA free, non-toxic and environmentally friendly

- Ergonomic design to help babies develop their motor skills from an early age

- Lightweight and easy for tiny hands to hold

- Flexible and gentle on gums

- Dishwasher safe and fridge friendly

- Can be used as a pre-training toothbrush 

- Helps safely and hygienically apply teething gel, even to hard to reach molars

- Suitable for steam and cold water sterilisation

- Height | 10.5cm

About the company

Matchstick Monkey was born when first time parent Katie Windridge was struggling to ease the teething pain of her little one, Minnie. After refusing every teething toy, many sleepless nights and fingers being bitten every time teething gel was applied, Katie decided there must be a better solution. Based on her daughter's love for monkeys, this is where the original Matchstick Monkey design was born.

Three children later and with help of Touker Suleyman from BBC's Dragon Den, Matchstick Monkey was launched. Since then, it has become an award winning teething toy that's sold in over 40 countries.