The Sleep One

The Sleep One

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The sleep one

Built with night times in mind, this box is designed to help those new parents ease into the evenings. With a gorgeous bunny comforter for the new arrival to snuggle up with, some caffeine free tea to calm the body and soothe the soul, some bath salts to help relax and unwind and some indulgent dark chocolate aptly named "a moment at midnight", this box is most definitely created with new parents at the heart of it. 

Beautifully packed in one of our magnetic keepsake gift boxes with a handwritten card, it will be like receiving a moment of calm in the post. 

- Bunny comforter | white | Norishor

- Caffeine free tea | Night Owl | HotTea Mama

- 76% dark chocolate | a Moment at Midnight | Josh's Chocolate

- Lavender and rose geranium bath salts | the meadow | Bloomtown 

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Price includes the gift box and card.

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