Sea Salt Candle

Sea Salt Candle

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Sea salt scented tin candle

Transport those new parents to the North Coast of Cornwall with this sea salt fragranced tin candle. Handmade in Cornwall, this candle has a unique blend of ozonic and citrus scents with mossy undertones, evoking the sensation of being by the ocean.

Once the little one is asleep (this might be wishful thinking), this candle will bring a sense of calm and serenity, helping the parents to unwind and relax. 

- Burn time | up to 45 hours

- Size | 7.6 cm x 7.6 cm

About the company

Born from humble beginnings, crafting candles by hand on the family farm in North Cornwall, St Eval Candle Company aims to keep traditional crafts alive. Taking inspiration from their stunning Cornish surroundings, their candles and products truly encompass nature. 

With their simple ethos - keeping traditions alive, treading soft on the earth, and being caring, open-minded and respectful of individuality - their small company is proud to contribute to the growth of the Cornish economy.