Lemur Leaf Frog Card

Lemur Leaf Frog Card

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Lemur Leaf Frog by Nathalie Heseltine

The artwork used on these cards was created to cast light on a variety of endangered species from around the world. Made from collages of magazine clippings, the originals of these vibrant and beautiful pieces have been exhibited in London. 

The Lemur Leaf Frog

STATUS: Critically endangered

With bulging eyes and slender frames, Lemur Leaf Frogs have a very fragile appearance. While they may be small, they are very clever creatures. At night, when they're most active, they have the remarkable ability to change colour - from greenish-yellow to a reddish-brown. 

Found in Costa Rica, Panama and northern Colombia, the Lemur Leaf Frog is critically endangered. Their numbers are on the decline, with their population falling by half over the last 15 years, mainly because of habitat loss and disease. 

CONSERVATION: Some of the populations of Lemur Leaf Frogs now dwell in protected areas, and a number of zoos are taking part in captive breeding programmes in an effort to conserve these frogs.

About the artist

From her days of looking after hundreds of stick insects to her incredible artwork that highlights the plight of some of our most wonderful creatures, London based Nathalie Heseltine has always had a love for animals. When she's not creating her masterpieces, you can find her either studying marine conservation or travelling to some far flung country to save marine life.