Bunny Comforter Caramel

Bunny Comforter Caramel

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Bunny comforter | stripes caramel

This super soft muslin comforter, from Norishor's new stripes and stardust bunny collection, is a beautiful caramel colour with little black stripes scattered over it. This bunny also comes with unique coloured ears - one off white and one caramel.

With long ears to hold on to and a squidgy head to snuggly up with, this gorgeous bunny would be the perfect cuddly friend for a little one.

- Soft and breathable

- Measurements: W 32 cm | H 50 cm

- 100% cotton muslin, oeko-tex and double layer

- Filling: The SuperBall® hypoallergenic 100% polyester

- Machine washable

About the company

A team made up of two sisters, Cami and Alina, Norishor make all their own products by hand. Because of the nature of hand making all their beautiful products, they understand the need to be precise, allowing no detail to fall by the wayside. All their pieces are are passionately created as a work of art, with the mindset that they will be cherished by all who they reach.

The brand operates out of London, but was created as a reflection of their Romanian roots, with the word Norishor meaning "fluffy cloud," a nod towards pieces which are as soft as they are beautiful.